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Download iiitAccessServer

You can get the latest release from the iiit webpage There you will find source packages and precompiled binary packages.

Building iiitAccessServer from source

To build iiitAccessServer from source you have to download the source distribution and unpack it into a directory of your choice. Once you have done this, change into the installation directory and type

ant install

If all prerequisites are installed correctly this will create an additional directory iiitAccessServer inside the out directory. It contains a sample configuration, a start script and the Jar file iiitAccessServer.jar.

If you call

ant dist

instead, you will find archives like the ones you can download from our web site in the directory dist.

Installing iiitAccessServer

Whether you downloaded and unpacked the binary distribution or built it yourself, you should now have a directory named iiitAccessServer. Move or copy this directory together with its content to /usr/local or /opt or wherever you want to install it. Change to the installation directory. In the sub-directory etc you will find the example configuration consisting of the files AccessServer-Simple.xml and Rename or copy them to AccessServer.xml rsp. The different Java libraries mentioned above as requirements may be added to the CLASSPATH environment variable or you may copy them into the sub-directory lib, where the start-up script will find them automatically.

To start the iiitAccessServer call the start-up script This should give you an output like this:

Searching for <AccessServer.xml> in <.:etc:/usr/local/etc:/etc>
File <AccessServer.xml> found in <etc>

Start reading file <etc/AccessServer.xml>
Finished reading file <etc/AccessServer.xml>.
Logging to file <./accessserver.log>

If you have not changed the configuration, you should now be able to log-in to the iiitAccessServer with the command

telnet localhost 54321

It should now greet you with something like

Connected to localhost.
Escape character is '^]'.
iiitAccessServer - For help send command "HELP"

You may shut the iiitAccessServer down with the command


Important: The command SHUTDOWN does work for security reasons only if you have logged-in directly from the server where iiitAccessServer runs and only with the command

telnet localhost <portnummer>.

Otherwise the command will be ignored.

If everything works as described here, you have successfully installed iiitAccessServer. The configuration is documented in the Configuration Guide.