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Dipl.-Ing. Jörg Beckmann

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Version 1.0


  • Package-structure modified.
  • RMI-client and -server implemented.
  • Meanigful names for threads
  • Database connections may now be configured to open a number of pre-defined connections on start-up.
  • On shut-down all threads are finished.
  • Improved documentation.
  • License conditions changed: Those parts to be linked to a client program are now published under the terms and conditions of the LGPL.

Version 1.0-RC3


  • Minor bug fixes
  • New global configuration variable VerifyUser. When set to true, the command SETUSER verifies the user ID by scanning the LDAP database. Invalid IDs will be rejected.
  • Optimization: All calculated MD5 sums are now cached.

Version 1.0-RC2


  • Documentation: Improved navigation
  • Methods Configuration.addSubConfiguration() and Configuration.addAttribute() are now public.

Version 1.0-RC1


  • First version available